A consortium of contractors is formed, Nithin Gadkari is going to co-operate: CM Naidu

AMARAVATI: I'm a snake on the track. Gave up. Complete the project, "said Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Monday. "The rupee will complete the project without corruption. If someone advises to complete the construction, Do not worry if you do not do it, "he said. He was speaking to reporters at Splayway after reviewing the progress of the project works on Monday in the West Godavari district. "Union minister Gadkari will cooperate with the 2018 (Gravity) to complete the project by 2019. If necessary, he will go back to Dilli. " The NHPC committee said that the report would be reported on Friday. Polavaram tenders continue to exist, in parallel with the principal monopoly of the consortium and trying to bring the work to kolikk. The Chief Minister announced that the consortium would be able to do things. The Third Committee on Economic Issues says. Is it not possible to give subsidies to the contract with the contractor? When asked about the Chief Minister, the Chief Minister questioned why the contract was not in the process of completing the project. Do you tell me where are the martyrs here? The Chief Minister questioned. Pawan Kalyan asked the white paper and said that the project is not complete by 2018. The reporters said, "You have a lot of things to know about me. Does that make sense of the jagan? What time do you come and try to talk to me? Questioned. Those who blocked the project reiterated that they were not subject to public intelligence.

2013 law enforcement?

All details in the Legislative Assembly. How does a white paper come from? The Chief Minister explained that everything is transparent. Goals are predicted to increase, in which the cost of land revenue is 11 times higher. 16.25 lakh beneficiaries per family. According to the 2013 Act, which was created by the Center, "I'm challenging, do not you run the central law?" Godavari, Vamsadhara, Godavari Krishna Penne connected with the functionality. He explained that Godavari Krishna is already completed. "We are considering opportunities to connect four rivers through pipelines," he said. Gadkari also said that Cauvery in Tamil Nadu is also connected from Godavari, saying there is no objection to other states to meet the needs of Tamils.

Gates should be set for the sands

The Chief Minister directed that a gateway to Spilway should be set up by Sankranti. West Bengal district collector Bhaskar, advisor Kannaniah Naidu and officials will arrange a committee with three more. The chief minister met with the authorities after reviewing the project. The tenders for the 65th package are to be ordered in connection with the linkage from the mainstream. Diaphragal and Jet Grouping have been suggested to increase speed in concrete works. Soil dredging started on Monday, officials said. The Chief Minister has ordered all items including payment of bills for the Polavaram work on the website. At a height of 41.5 m, Coffarady constructed water and said that the land was collected in the ground and the land was collected. The Chief Minister has ordered to complete land acquisition to a total of 45.72 meters.

Meet with the three-member team

The Chief Minister has directed the government to deal with the issue of subsidies as well as financial problems. It is intended to create guidelines for the creation of the three-member committee. Union Minister Gadkari has suggested that the issue should come to a logical conclusion on this issue. The Chief Minister met with the Thrissur committee. Minister Devinayi Uma and Secretary Sushubhushan Kumar also participated in the meeting. Shashibhushan Kumar spoke about land acquisition and rehabilitation for Polavaram Authority member secretary RK Gupta.
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