Anchor Swetha Reddy comments on KA Paul

Swetha Reddy breathed fire on KA Paul for passing degrading comments on her while speaking to media persons in Visakhapatnam. 'I can't understand why KA Paul passed such comments on Me. He told..Swetha Reddy promised to bring 10,000 members for Praja Shanti Party in Hindupur but I don't know where she is right now. I wish to say to honourable KA Paul that I hadn't gone anywhere, but doing my job as a journalist and staying in touch with friends & coordinators in Hindupur continuously. May be, Paul have no idea about it! There is still so much time for February 21st to meet the deadline (10,000 Memberships). Why did he slip the tongue even before reaching the scheduled date? I made a mistake by supporting KA Paul in every interview though Journalists cautioned Me and Netizens dubbed him as comedy piece. I wish to withdraw the comments made in support of KA Paul,' she said.

The Anchor claimed to be visiting Hindupur Constituency 4-5 times in a week to understand the people's issues and that is why she was able to able to answer all the questions asked by Journalists. She added, 'May be, KA Paul is unaware of it. How could he say - Swetha Reddy..Address Ledu..Ekkada Undo Teliyadu? When I am appealing Hindupur People to take the membership of the party by paying Rs 10, They were questioning how could they trust someone like KA Paul and why should they pay Rs 10 if Paul is capable of bringing lakhs of crores funding. People are saying they would show faith on KA Paul if he provides water to them and lay roads with his funds. KA Paul assured that his party candidates needn't spend even a single rupee for election expenditure. But, Why don't he release funds for even party meetings?'.

Swetha Reddy accused KA Paul of demanding Rs 5 to 10 lakh for each MLA/MP Ticket. She questioned, 'Why should anybody join Praja Shanti Party ignoring TDP, YCP and JSP if he is money-minded? Nobody knows when would Praja Shanti Party receive election symbol. I have become a Comedy Piece for joining your party'.

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