CAG Slams Chandrababu's Ad Splurging

What does one do if there is a financial crisis or an emergency. One spends money very carefully and ensures that there is no unnecessary splurging. But, Chandrababu Naidu does not seem to believe all this thrift and financial prudity. He is spending huge amounts for publicity. Now, his splurging and spend thrifty ways have come in for huge criticism for the Comptroller and Auditor General. It criticised Chandrababu Naidu without mincing words.

The CAG reports strongly questioned the TDP Government for its wasteful spending on publicity. He asked as to how Chandrababu Government could spend so much for publicity. Quoting 2015 Supreme Court guidelines on advertisements, the CAG questioned as to why Chandrababu spent Rs 13-76 crore on advertisements that boost his personal image. The Government advertisements should primarily focus on public usage and citizen information, the report said and added that spending to boost the personal image of an individual is against the guidelines. The CAG found that advertisements to a tune of Rs 1.91 crore were spent on Chandrababu's birthday. It said the ads were used to boost Chandrababu's personal image. Similarly, Rs 3.01 crore were spent by the I and PR department last June for giving out ads on 'Ambedkar Asayam and Chandranna Acharana' programme.There were anti-Centre ads also. It also found fault with the Dharma Porata Deeksha ads for which the Government spent Rs 3.99 crore.  The CAG also sought a written clarification from the AP I and PR commissioner as to why he spent government money for giving publicity to a political party. In his clarification, the I and PR commissioner said that he had got oral instructions from the CMO and felt he should implement the instructions.

The CAG made stinging comments on this and had criticised the Chandrababu Government for its decision to splurge money on ads.

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