D Day approaching - Each minute has become difficult to pass

             In few hours, results will be out. tension gripped all over the country. People are engaging tonight with parties, games and other entertainment to relieve of tension. That is one way better, otherwise their blood pressure shoots up. All dramas on EVMs, Election Commission, Modi are over. Supreme Court also fed up with this non-sense. When Aravind Kejrival won the election in 2015, the same system worked, when Mamata won in 2017, the same system worked, when Rahul Gandhi party won in MP, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh, the same system worked, when Chandrababu won in 2014, the same system worked but now there are several doubts on the very system. Chandrababu Naidu even gone to the extent of saying that it can be controlled from outside by remote! What non-sense he talks. People are not fools to believe whatever he says. Election Commission openly challenged in 2017 to prove the allegation of hacking the EVMs . But opposition boycotted that meeting. Supreme Court was approached by several petitions but failed to to convince the Court about these allegations. Who is killing the institutions? Is it not Lutyen's Delhi elite club by propagating false information? 

   In the last five years, several attempts were made to denigrate the institutions. Tried to impeach Supreme Court Chief Justice because he did not oblige their pleas on several matters, now blackmailing Chief Justice by filing compliant on false grounds, now ill motives are attributed to Election Commission simply because he did not accept their agenda. Opposition stopped playing constructive role. It does not mean that all is well with Government but the way opposition behaves gives weight to the official propaganda as if opposition has become obstructive force. In fact, there is an urgent need to bring electoral reforms to curb money power, to strengthen democratic rights, to deepen democratic traditions and to make Election Commission independent. The role of opposition in championing these reforms is negligible whereas they concentrate more on frivolous matters. It is the tragedy of democracy.

      Coming to tomorrows election results, it not only decides the fate of contesting candidates but also decides the fate of several other State Governments. It decides the fate of next Governments at Centre, also State Governments at AP, Odisha, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Likewise, by- elections in Tamilnadu decides the fate of Palaniswamy. Though no elections are held for State Assemblies, the fate of Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka will be decided by the outcome of Lok Sabha elections. That is why , people are spending sleepless nights for the result. These few hours are passing like few years for some people. Let them relax by diversion towards outings, sports and Cinemas. Let us enjoy the festival of democracy by sticking to TV screens since morning. Jai Prajatantr    
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