Naga Babu's Befitting Reply To ABN

In his latest video message of 'My Channel - Naa Istam' series, Naga Babu revealed that he received an email from ABN Andhrajyothi demanding the removal of the video mocking how it glorified Nara Lokesh's Davos Visit. He added, 'I didn't talk anything wrong. Still, I was asked to remove the video or face YouTube strike off. I was disappointed! Sir, How can you take something meant for fun so seriously? Don't be so angry! (he laughs) These people talk about Media Freedom, but they try to ruin Common Man's Freedom. Aren't we having the right for freedom of expression? We have to bear whatever you do, but you can't tolerate even a sarcastic remark. I have 1.3 lakh Subscribers who take my videos to crores of people. Media offered a different colouring to the cuss word used by a Woman against our family. And now, They are complaining about my video. How can anybody stop my freedom of expression?'.

Mega Brother named ABN Radhakrishna as CBN Bhajana Krishna and Andhrajyothi as CBN Chandra-Jyothi. 'There are hundreds of such videos to mock ABN. Blocking one video won't stop my journey. Channels resorting to character assassination aren't able to bear if someone points out their partial approach. Bhajana of ABN reminds us of bhajana track in Mayabazar. While TDP Leaders claim the state is in crisis in AP, They project it as most developed during conferences. Why didn't ABN reveal the name of the billionaire who came forward to invest Rs 5,000 crore in AP against the wishes of PM Modi?,' he questioned.

Naga Babu opined, 'Instead of Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh, Send four expert chefs from Andhra Pradesh to conferences so that they could serve tasty food to the investors and bring investments to the state. ABN's story of Lokesh's Davos Trip is as simple as that! Let's follow this model in future. Better to send a Chef than Lokesh to the Investors Meetings'.

Finally, Naga Babu concluded that he have the right for freedom of expression staying in his limit. The Actor told he won't stoop to the level of a Channel projecting as if there is nothing wrong about the unparliamentary word.

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    I support to Nagababu sir Media means broker

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