Roosters undergo rigorous training for bloody fight

Rajamahendravaram: Ahead of three-day Sankranti festival, cockfight organisers in the district are preparing arenas for the sport despite government restrictions and bans imposed by courts.   he punters are also gearing up their birds by imparting training.

Roosters of varieties like Kaki, Nemali, Pingali, Dega, Kakidega, Pachhadega,Savala, Kokkera, Abrasum Tetuva, Chavali, Gattu, Kodikaki, Nalla Kokkera have been groomed for many months for the high stakes controversial sport.

According to a cockfight organiser, who did not want to be named, veterinary doctors were hired to monitor the health of cocks which were being fed nutritious food as well as medicines to enhance their stamina and there by  to help them win in fight.

The diet will be given to the cocks as per the directions of trainer to keep them healthy by ensuring proper weight. The training includes daily swimming for free movement, to fly easily and activities aimed at reduction of fat content in the body.

As preparation of big day, dummy knives are also used during the training.  Trainers wake up the cocks at 6 am and after one hour walking they would be sent for exercise. Later, the cocks would be given 10 gm pista followed by millets at 9 am.

At 12 noon, the roosters are fed 15 gram ground sheep meat (keema)  and cashew, almond, etc., as snacks at 3 pm. Water mixed with sonti (dried ginger) is given to the cocks in the evening. Necessary time also be given to them to take rest.
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