Smart Modi made 2019 Elections already won!

       Modi proved once again smart when compared to other politicians. When Congress strategists adopted a slogan " Chowkidar chor Hai' and used by Rahul Gandhi at all election meetings hoping that Modi will be defensive in the campaign. But he acted smart way by adopting a slogan " my bhi Chowkidar hu" and made it mass movement which nullified the strategy of Congress. Similarly, BJP made Rahul Gandhi to contest from Vaynadu to avoid risk of defeat at Amethi which made Congress is defensive in Hindi heartland. 

      Another smart action adopted by Modi is releasing " apolitical" interview day before yesterday through ANI news agency. One may ask where is smartness in this video. Here lies the matter. Few days back, Election Commission blocked release of Modi biopic acted by Vivek Oberoy. Everybody thought that the advantage expected from release of Modi biopic has lost because of Election Commission action. Here, everyone underestimated Modi. Immediately, plan B was implemented again with another film personality. Akshay Kumar is more popular among  Hindi viewers , more particularly with his propagation of social themes like ' Ek Toilet Kahani'. The remaining elections are mainly in Hindi heartland. So, matching these two, an interview was planned without touching politics. This interview from Akshay Kumar mainly touched Modi's personal life highlighting his plus points in his life. What does it means? The mileage lost due to non-release of biopic has partially come back through 'apolitical' interview by Akshay Kumar, the film actor. Can anyone match his smartness? Congress can not object to the telecast as it is 'apolitical' and can not come under scrutiny of Election Commission as it is not a film. At the same time, the purpose was served. That is Modi.

   Just now, his next mass action of road show at Varanasi is going on. It is a mega show. With this, political analysts have already come to conclusion that 2019 elections are over. Modi is certain to come back. These are comments from political analysts. Added to it, Congress already announced that Priyanka Gandhi will not contest Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. That ends the matter. Modi is master in strategies, once again proved. Only now we have to await for election results.
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