UK To Remove Cap On Skilled Migrants

The biggest ever overhaul of the UK's Immigration System is likely to happen soon. Britain Home Secretary Sajid Javid unveiled a white paper which paves way for a new immigration system. The annual cap (20,700 per year) on the number of work visas will be removed.

As per the proposed new policy, Skilled Migrants will be given priority instead of the nationality. Which means, Countless Highly Skilled Indian Workers will be able to migrate to the UK.

New Policy will end the current Dual System (Accepting only highly skilled workers from outside EU & Admitting workers of all skill levels from the EU). Skill-based Immigration System will attract the talented individuals across the World & this method boosts the economy in the long run.

As per the new Skilled Work Visa Rule, Annual Salary Threshold will be 30,000 Pounds. Sponsorship from an Employer is a must for the Tier 2 Visas. There won't be Resident Market Labour Test but Workers should be equipped with intermediate level skills (for example A Level), not just graduates. Those who attain this Skilled Work Visa will be permitted to bring their Dependants, Opt for other routes and even settle permanently.

New Rules extend the time period International Students can stay in Britain to work after completion of degrees from 4 to 6 month if they have a bachelor's or master's degree. The duration has been extended to 12 months for those Students having a PhD.

In addition, A New Short-Term Workers Scheme was announced to permit lower-skilled workers, who don't meet the salary threshold of the skilled route, to come to the UK for 1 year. The Low-Skilled Workers can switch employers during that period as sponsorship wasn't required. This route will be kept open for only those countries with whom UK enters into an agreement over supply of labour.

Overall, The new Immigration System of UK is expected to benefit the Indians more than any other nation.
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