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'All are worried about Salman's & My Wedding'

'All are worried about Salman's & My Wedding'
Many veteran actors have been left unmarried even after crossing their forties and fifties. Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan has been asked frequently during the promotions of his films during his wedding and the actor prefers to make fun and interesting comments about his wedding.

Now top actress Tabu who has been staying single from the past few years has been poked by media during her promotions of her upcoming movie Golmaal Again.
The actress lost her cool and is frustrated about listening to the same question. She asked all those to go ahead and ask something fresh or interesting. During her interview with a leading news daily, Tabu said "Everyone seems to be worried about Salman Khan's and my wedding. I am lost with the same repeated question. My request is to come out of the zone and shoot some interesting and new questions".

The actress recently bought a lavish villa on a beach front in Goa where she lives and parties during her holidays.

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