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'Dora'..Doss cleared, it's original horror!

'Dora'..Doss cleared, it's original horror!
It has become a common thing in the recent past that crazy films suffer with plagiarism charges.  Nayantara's upcoming horror thriller 'Dora' also hit the headlines recently with the similar charges just two weeks before the release.  It is known that 'Dora' is slated for release on March 31.  

A television script writer from Chennai Sridhar alleged that 'Dora' is based on his story 'Alibabavum Arputha Carum'.  Writer cum director of the 'Dora' Doss Ramasamy was initially silent on the charges but he responded on the plagirism allegations now.  He has taken this issue to the South India Writers Association.. and requested them to solve the issue.  

After going through both the stories, Writers Association gave clean chit to 'Dora' team.  They have cleared Doss Ramasamy from plagiarims charges and ruled out writer Sridhar's allegations.  Whatever be the case, 'Dora' will have a smooth release on March 31. 

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