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'I had dated Kareena for Four Years'

'I had dated Kareena for Four Years'
Kangana Ranaut kept saying Hrithik Roshan had been in a relationship with her but all she have is a single picture to prove her claims.

Self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan slammed Kangana and her Sister Rangoli for targeting Hrithik Roshan with just one photograph in which the Greek God was seen hugging the 'Queen' Star from behind. While sharing a picture of himself with Kareena Kapoor, He wrote: 'I had relationship with Kareena Kapoor for 4 years n I have only this photo to prove. #KanganaRanaut #RangoliChudail'.

The Critic even conducted a Survey based on his post: 'Kangana said I got engaged with Hrithik in Paris. Hrithik has proved that he never gone to Paris. So What do you think now? Who is a liar?'. He then informed 68% of the respondents believe Kangana is a liar and 32% feel Hrithik is guilty.

KRK raised a valid point here. Kangana needs to come up with concrete evidence to prove her claims instead of showing just a picture.

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