'Katrina Kaif' Sizzles on World's Most Expensive Magazine Cover Page


Some trivia is a must to know and some trivia is good to know as knowledge and some trivia is interesting to know. It depends on person to person to which category this trivia belongs.

If you ever wondered why do magazines go to such extreme of paying lakhs and even crores for magazine cover pages and come up with such enticing imagery to tempt us to buy them? You might be very very interested in this information too.

To attract and grab attention of people, you need to do what it takes to do and magazines are going for raw sensuality as it is the best selling point.

But few try to do things that give them a place in history and record books. Just like how Taj Mahal as become as great Man Made Wonder to show a person's love for his wife and art, this cover page too was aimed at creating something beautiful and interesting.

Hence, it became the most expensive magazine cover page ever. Not because Katrina demanded unheard remuneration but because Kohl, UAE magazine in association with Damas, a gold seller organisation, decided to use gold and diamonds to make the cover page.

Total of 622 diamonds and 91 grams of gold are embedded in the cover page with Katrina's face. The cover page has been auctioned to Rashid Pediatric Centre for US $10,000/-. All this happened in 2008!

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