'Nithiin' Srinivasa Kalyanam Movie Review

Release date : August 09, 2018

123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5

Starring : Nithiin, Raashi Khanna, Nandita Swetha, Prakash Raj

Director : Vegesna Satish

Producers : Dil Raju

Music Director : Mickey J. Meyer

Cinematographer : Sameer Reddy

Dil Raju has been promoting Srinivasa Kalyanam on a massive level from the past few days. The family drama has finally hit the screens today and let’s see if it lives up to its expectations or not.


Vasu(Nithin) is a well educated youth who belongs to a joint family. He falls in love with Sri(Raashi Khanna) and confronts her father(Prakash Raj) about his love. On the other hand, Sri’s father is a rich business man who does not believe in old school formalities of marriage and traditions. Rest of the story is as to how Vasu takes things into his own hands and make his wedding happen in a traditional note by changing Sri’s father’s mindset.

Plus Points:

The way the institution of marriage is important in life has been showcased well throughout the film. Also, the family emotions that are showcased in the second half are good and add depth to the film.

Prakash Raj leads from the front and is superb in the role of a businessman who does not believe in emotions. Jayasudha brings depth to the proceedings with her emotional act. Raashi Khanna is improving with every film. She looks gorgeous and emotes quite well.

Yet another major asset of the film is the rich production values as every frame looks rich and traditional. The way the village and marriage rituals are showcased look good on screen. Last but not the least, Nithin starts off on a dull note in the film but covers it up nicely with his good performance in climax.

Minus Points:

The basic conflict is not at all strong in the second half. The way Prakash Raj who has such strong values in life changes into a good man by the end of the movie. There should have been more scenes that showcase the change in him. His role is not dealt well in the second half.

Also, the director gives very good emotion to Nanditha Swetha’s role but leaves her mid way in the pre climax. This very scene between her and Nithin is not handled well. Major emotions look good at certain places but some unconvincing scenes do not continue the feel.

There is no entertainment factor in the film and the younger generation who has a different mindset nowadays can feel the film way too preachy. Too many senior actors like Naresh and Amani have nothing much to do in the film. Too much time is taken to establish the love story and twist in the first half which becomes dull.

Technical Aspects:

Dil Raju has spent good money on the film and it is showcased by the cameraman superbly. Music by Mickey Meyer is decent but the songs have been shot on a very dull note. Dialogues related to marriage and it’s importance in life are very moving. The production design is superb and so was the styling of the film. Editing was just about okay as close to ten minutes in the first half could have been trimmed.

Coming to the director Sateesh Vigneysa, he has done just an okay job with the film. His idea to showcase the value of marriage is very good but his execution is half hearted. He has missed to add the basic drama and conflict in the film which is a major drawback. He manages to add decent emotions and starts Prakash Raj’s role quite interestingly but does not to carry it well in the second half and this where things become dull.


One the whole, Srinivasa Kalyanam is a traditional family drama where emotions work in parts. Lack of conflict, youthful elements and not so engaging drama take the film down after a while. The film is clearly for the family audience as the film suits their mentalities. As Dil Raju has packaged the film with an amazing star cast, it looks colorful and shows rich Telugu culture and that is enough for the film to be given a shot.

123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5
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