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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 1:25 pm

'Thala' fans bat for Katama Rayudu

'Thala' fans bat for Katama Rayudu
Ajith enjoy superb craze among Tamil audience and he enjoys huge fan following.  He is fondly called as 'Thala' by his fans.  Pawan Kalyan craze in Telugu, Ajith craze in Tamil have many similarities.  That may be the reason why Ajith fans wishing Pawan Kalyan now.  It is known that 'Katama Rayudu' fever has already gripped two Telugu states.  As 'Katama Rayudu release is just six days away.. and pre-release event is going to be held today, Pawan fans are already in festive mood.  It is reflecting everywhere including social media.. as PK chants has become order of the day.

Surprisingly, 'Katama Rayudu' mania is not confined no only to Telugu states.. but it is extended to the neighbouring states also.  Pawan flexies in 'Katama Rayudu' getup are appearing in huge number in Tamil Nadu.  These flexies are erected by Ajith fans.  It is known that Pawan is remaking Ajith's film 'Veeram' as 'Katama Rayudu'.  That is the reason why Ajith fans have owned 'Katama Rayudu' and wishing the film a success.

Ajith fans from temple city Madurai have erected flexies of Pawan, Ajith in the city and and extending their wishes on the occasion of release of the film.  Power Star fans who are watching these flexies in the online are extremely happy.  Not only that.. they wanted to reciprocate the same when Ajith film releases in Telugu next time. 

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