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100 Days Offer: Baahubali 2 for 1 Dollar

100 Days Offer: Baahubali 2 for 1 Dollar
Celebrating the successful 100 days of epic Baahubali : The Conclusion, the distributors of the film in North America have announced an irresistible offer for the fans of Baahubali and Prabhas. The makers have decided to showcase the film on 100th day (Saturday, Aug 8, 2017) at as less as 100 pennies i.e 1 USD.

However, the offer is only available in a few specific cinemas and locations. Below is the complete list of cinemas which have this special offer today. For the exact show timings, please check the website of the the corresponding theater. Needless to say that this is indeed a great offer for fans of Prabhas, Baahubali.

Below is list of cinemas of Baahubali 2:

Towne 3, San Jose
Serra Theatres, Milpitas
Moviemax, Niles, IL
Venetian Cinemas, Dallas
DC Cinemas, VA
Digimax, Atlanta
Moviecity, Edison
Southwest Lake Creek 7, Austin
Screens at the continent, Columbus
Movies 11, Millrun, OH
Apple Cinemas, Boston

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