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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 9:06 pm

13 Heroines Rejected Mortuary Rape!

13 Heroines Rejected Mortuary Rape!
Slowly and steadily, the influence of Korean and Japanese films are increasing on contemporary Tollywood film makers. Here comes Devi Sri Prasad, one of the hyped films (inspired from a Korean movie) for its bold and vulgar content of raping a heroine’s dead body in mortuary is set for release on Nov 17th that is coming Friday.

Pooja Ramachandran of Swamy Rara fame played the central female lead while Bhupal, Manoj Nandam and Dhanrak played other male leads in this Sree Kishore directorial.

‘Actually, our director narrated Devi Sri Prasad storyline to almost 13 heroines. Everyone rejected to become a part of this project and finally Pooja Ramachandran accepted it. She played the role of Leela Ramachandran, a heroine dead and her dead body is placed in mortuary,’ said Dhanraj.

Well, let us see how youthful Devi Sri Prasad is… when market is buzzing the very basic idea as vulgar and insane.

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