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14 million views in 10 hours, the 'Father of Records'!

14 million views in 10 hours, the 'Father of Records'!
The day we have been waiting is finally here! The most anticipated trailer- Baahubali 2 is finally out and we running short of words to describe this masterpiece. Just when we thought part 1 was spectacular, comes along Part 2  which looks even better! With this trailer our expectations for the final movie have tripled and we aren’t even exaggerating. While we can’t stop gushing about the trailer, we still have a month to go for the film’s release and that is our only grouch. When you look at part 2, you realise there was so much more to the story than we could have imagined. While the characters remain the same this time the true hero is the story. it’s the perfect mix of action and emotions. Apart from this, we are awaiting the answer to the most asked question: Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali. There are a few clues within the trailer that suggest theories but, we will only know the real reason on 28th April, 2017.

Now with a magnificent trailer like this one, it’s no surprise it’s already creating records. As of 5 pm, the trailer has clocked in 14M in 4 languages. The Telugu Trailer clocked the most number of views at 9102823, the Hindi trailer followed with 4402389 views, and the Malayalam and Tamil trailer contributed to the rest of the views. What trailers usually achieve in a day, the Baahubali 2 trailer has managed to break that record within in a few hours. Are you even surprised?

Celebs can’t stop gushing about this trailer. Right from NTR to Samantha to Ram Pothineni – They all were at a loss for words after watchign the trailer. Baahubali; The Conclusion is a sequel to the Baahubali; The Beginning. At the launch of the event today, Rajamouli revealed that despite Part 1’s success, he didn’t change th

The movie has been produced by ARKA mediaworks and directed by SS Rajamouli. The movie stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah Bhatia. Currently, the film is in the post production stage to meet the 28th April deadline.

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