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175Cr Remuneration for 1 Film!!

175Cr Remuneration for 1 Film!!
With the kind of All Time industry hits Aamir Khan has been delivering in the past few years, he is expected to take home possibly the highest remuneration by any actor in India. However, it came as a huge surprise when national media reported that he earned a mammoth Rs 175 Cr through his latest release 'Dangal'.

It is known that Dangal has become the latest industry hit by amassing in excess of Rs 700 Cr at worldwide box office. For this sports drama, Aamir took an upfront fees of Rs 35 Cr and also a 33 percent share in profits.

The share of Aamir from the profits of Dangal, including the theatrical, satellite, digital, audio etc. was Rs 140 crore, taking his total remuneration to Rs 175 Cr. No actor has earned this much money form a single film till date. This feat also makes Aamir the highest paid actor in India by a huge margin.

The perfectionist is currently prepping up to start shooting of his new project, 'Thugs of Hindostan' which also stars Amitabh Bachchan.

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