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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:21 pm

A Decade And Half Passed; Still She Is Gorgeous!

A Decade And Half Passed; Still She Is Gorgeous!
Not many actresses and actors can claim to be smart and desirable even after hitting 30's. The constant pressure of travelling and being in different shooting schedules at different times does take a toll. Even actors look out of shape for one or two films after a decade or so. But there are only few actors and actresses who managed to look at their best consistently. One of the them is Trisha Krishnan.

She started out in late 90's but got recognition in 2000's. With Varsham becoming a smash hit, she became the most desirable girl among the actresses. Few of the actresses who started after her and with her have already got married and few are planning for comebacks but she remained still popular among the youth. She has a good craze and she even uses it to good strength to pull crowds into the cinema halls.

You can see in the photos here, she looks fit and trim. She has no problem whatsoever to show off her curves even at this age. Still, she has some six films in her hand and most of them in Tamil. She could be looking to get back to Telugu soon and we hope she will too, with a solid entertainer.

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