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Tuesday 21 November, 2017, 3:41 pm

A Film Like Baahubali should do well: Chiranjeevi

A Film Like Baahubali should do well: Chiranjeevi
Former Union Minister Chiranjeevi spoke to media at the launch of TruJet Airlines in Tirupati Renigunta Airport.

Chiranjeevi: "People going to watch 'Baahubali' without any expectations will say the film is good enough. Such films should do very well".

When a mediaperson told to him 'Magadheera is much better than Baahubali', Megastar replied: "It's too early to judge. If 'Baahubali' meets expectations, That's more than enough".

To the request 'A film like Magadheera & Baahubali is expected from him', Chiru just gives a smile and signs off.

Megastar's support for 'Baahubali' will make Mega Fans take the same route. Jai Mahishmati!

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