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Aamir Khan's link up with actress; almost caught!

Aamir Khan's link up with actress; almost caught!
This is shocking and sounds too unreal. But there will be no smoke without fire in the industry and grapevine is going strong about romantic relationship between Dangal girl who played Geeta and actor Aamir Khan.There was lot buzz when superstar Aamir Khan was quite keen to have Fatima Sana Sheikh his on screen daughter from "Dangal" on board as his love interest in "Thugs of Hindostan". Bollywood was rife with the rumors that their bonding is too close for comfort. Fatima Sana Sheik took no time to ridicule the rumours saying Aamir is her friend, mentor and guru.

Well nothing wrong in promoting a heroine who shares a great rapport, but an incident of Aamir Khan following Fatima to a Saloon surely adding fuel to the speculations on their relationship.

Going into details, Fatima Sheik arrived in a car to a Saloon in Bandra which was closely followed by another luxury car. After Papparazzi snapped her at the entrance of saloon, their attention diverted to the car that followed and the hero sitting inside it. Realising it is Aamir Khan, they rushed to click the photos but are undone by Aamir Khan guards before driving away.

In fact Aamir's name was never heard in such rumours but for the first time we hear so. We hope the fizz will die off and that the rumour too dies off as a rumour. Because Fatima is only 23 years of age while Aamir is 50 plus actor. Too much of age gap for a romantic encounter, really!!

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