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Ace actress emotional post about her divorce

Ace actress emotional post about her divorce
Malayalam film and television actress Surabhi Lakshmi entered the wedlock with Vipin Sudhakar in 2014. The couple has called it quits after nearly three years of marriage putting an end to the rumours on their troubled relationship. Vipin confirmed the news via his Facebook page on Wednesday, July 12.

Vipin has also shared the “last selfie” of them together and said they will remain good friends. “Last selfie. Njangal divorce ayitto. No commrnts kkkk. Eni nalla frdns njangal [sic],” he posted on social media.

Surabhi has also responded via her Facebook page. She clarified that the couple has been living separately for over one and half year, and decided to get divorced due to personal reasons. Surabhi rose to fame for the character Paathu in the comedy Television series M 80 Moosa, and is known for her deft handling of colloquial Malayalam. Recently, she bagged the National Film Award for the Best Actress for her remarkable performance in the movie Minnaminungu (The Firefly). She is the fifth actress to get the prestigious award after Sarada, Monisha, Shobhana and Meera Jasmine for a Malayalam movie.

Surabhi initially made headlines after winning popular reality show Best Actor aired on Amrita TV. Later, she appeared in a cameo and significant roles in many Malayalam movies including Gulmohar, Puthiya Mukham, Ayaalum Njanum Thammil, ABCD, Ennu Ninte Moideen, and Kismath.

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