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Actress Files Complaint About Her Undergarments Theft

Meghana Naidu, known for her sultry roles in her movies from Bollywood and south, is not really known much to people but is in news now for her post on Facebook complaining about the theft of her undergarments by her tenants.

The actress as per her post has let her house in Goa to a couple who provided her the fake identity proofs have cheated for her rent without paying and flew away without notice taking all her belongings from the house. Meghana briefed that the couple has left the house messed up with all the stuff taken including her undergarments.

They have also broken her frames and statues, stole the speakers and cleaned up the house with all that they can carry in their bags. Meghana also has posted their pictures asking people to help find them. What would they do with others undergarments? Weird. Isn’t it?

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