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Actress Reveals ‘Bed with Acting Package’

Actress Reveals ‘Bed with Acting Package’
The tales of the ‘casting couch’ have been heard several times but hardly ever has an actor come up to admit so frankly as Hima Shankar Sheematty. In a recent chat, the actress revealed incidents from her starting days as an actress of getting such offers confirming that the casting couch is still very much in play.

Hima recalled an incident where was still a student at drama School when she got a package offer for a movie. Asking for further details about the package, the actress shockingly learned that it was the ‘bed with acting package.’ She added that after declining a couple more such offers, she didn’t receive any more of those calls.

Hima has since received some hate for sharing the reality of the casting couch but said that she isn’t afraid of taking on any negative comments. She said that “this may even end my career, but I don’t care. I want to tell this to people that acting is a career and not a business based on the body.”

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