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Actress Surabhi Lakshmi abused for eating beef on show aired on Onam

Actress Surabhi Lakshmi abused for eating beef on show aired on Onam
National-Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi has come under heavy fire on social media for eating beef on a show that was broadcast on Onam festival day. The programme aired on Media One channel revolved around Surabhi’s day out, including her favourite delicacies.

According to Surabhi, the segment was shot three weeks before the Onam festival. It was her choice to visit her favourite hotel in Kozhikode, which is known for its beef dish. On the show, she was shown enjoying Kerala parantha with beef fry. This has irked many viewers and she is being trolled.

A selfie she posted recently showing her Onamsadya with a chicken dish has drawn hundreds of comments, mostly abusive, for allegedly hurting the sentiments of people as only vegetarian delicacies are enjoyed during the festival.

“The channel has been asking for my interview for quite some time and that’s when I agreed to do that programme in a hotel which I usually visit. Hunger is a basic instinct of life and when I’m hungry I don’t usually care if it’s beef, chicken or pork. The issue is not that I ate beef, but that the programme was telecast during Onam,” said Lakshmi.

In the northern side of Kerala, however, the Onam feast usually includes non-veg dishes.

“You must change your name. Doesn’t suit your actions,” said a Facebook user. “Next Onam, you must celebrate by having some pork also,” said the another. “You insulted your own community, you don’t deserve to be a Hindu,” read another comment.

Surabhi earlier this year won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her film Minnaminungu.

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