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Actress Trolled For Big Boss Comments

Actress Trolled For Big Boss Comments
Remember Manasa Himavarsha? Hard to recall right? She is not that popular though she had acted in films like "Romance". But the actress is now trending on social media thanks to her posts on NTR's Bigg Boss.

After the telecast of "Big Boss", she posted a message on her social media accounts: "Ok, Now I feel glad not being a part of it ". This implied she didn't like the show one bit.

Assuming she made comments against NTR, fans of Young Tiger started trolling her on social media.

With flurry of messages, she got irritated and posted series of messages explaining that she is a big fan of NTR Jr.

"Guys Guys Guys , , , could you just relax a bit ??? Did u even see me mentioning NTR anywhere in my posts? No point in just trolling me over my honest opinions," she posted initially.

Later she went on to explain that she loves NTR as an actor.

"And, another point to note is that my love for NTR is any day most immense... and if only words speak more, check back into few of my interviews where, in each one, I mentioned my most favorite actor as NTR. His dance spell bounds me and there is no way i would mock his work in any form," she posted on FB.

Seems like NTR fans are not in a mood to take any negative comments about the show. Guys, it is just a TV show. Relax!

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