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Saturday 18 November, 2017, 3:33 pm

Adarsh Behind Prince Elimination From Bigg Boss House

Adarsh Behind Prince Elimination From Bigg Boss House
Bigg Boss is a popular TV show in Telugu film industry. Young Tiger Jr NTR is hosting the TV show. The latest elimination from this TV show is the hero, Prince.

Prince is finally out of the TV show, and he is currently in Hyderabad. Prince is one of the active contestants in the Bigg Boss house, and there is always a good buzz on him in the show.

But unfortunately, Prince has to leave the TV show. The reason for Prince being eliminated is Adarsh. Because of a mistake that is committed by Adarsh, Prince had to leave the TV show. Prince entertained everyone pretty hard and had his share of moments with everyone in the house. Prince hoped that either of Navadeep or Hari Teja would win Bigg Boss cash prize.

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