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Ajay Ghosh's sensational comments on Telugus

Ajay Ghosh's sensational comments on Telugus
Character Artiste Ajay Ghosh made controversial comments on Telugu Film Industry, Telugu Media and Autowallas here only to speak high about Tamilians.

Ajay Ghosh gave an impression that one has to act even behind the camera to bag offers in Telugu Film Industry. He told, 'My first interest has always been Tamil Industry. Tamil People have great political awareness and social awareness. Tamil Media was the first to recognize my talent after working in Oscar-level flick 'Visaranai'. It was only after that Telugu Media began focusing on Me'.

The Actor didn't even spare Autowallas and Sambar. 'In Tamil Nadu, Autowallas will be spotted reading newspaper whenever they are free. In the Telugu States, Autowallas were seen using tobacco-related products. While consuming Andhra Sambar leads to stomach upset & increase of tummy, Sambar and Pongal in Tamil Nadu are really so delicious,' he said.

Ajay Ghosh played a small role in 'Baahubali: The Conclusion'. He will be seen as a Dacoit in Anushka aka Devasena's Kingdom in the epic.

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