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Tuesday 25 September, 2018, 3:47 am

Akhil Canceled His Movie Because Of Fans

Akhil Canceled His Movie Because Of Fans
An actor should work really hard to become a star hero. More the support from the class audience they have to impress the mass audience first. A class movie cannot become a hit even though it receives a good talk. It should impress the mass audience first to become a hit at the box office. A mass movie can impress both the categories but a class movie cannot.

Digging into the story, Akkineni young hero Akhil has been working hard to become a star hero. He did 2 movies till now and both films disappointed this young hero a lot. He had a lot of expectations on his second movie but 'Hello' also failed to earn big at the box office. We can say that none of his two films has entertained the mass audience. Especially Nag has a huge fan base and these movies failed to impress his fans. So, Akhil who has accepted an adventure story has now rejected it.

Akkineni family suggested Akhil to do a good commercial entertainer and Akhil accepted their words. In the last Aadi Pinisetty's brother, Satya Pinisetty narrated a script to Nag and impressed him. Akhil was supposed to do that project. But because of his fans, this Sisindri has rejected the offer. Satya Pinisetty was the one who directed Malupu movie.

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