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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 1:09 am

Akhil Failed To Give Classical Touch!

Akhil Failed To Give Classical Touch!
The combination of director Vikram K Kumar and composer Anup Rubens have delivered some lovely audio albums like Ishq and Manam earlier. As the duo joined forces now, 'Hello' is expected to be another glorious album. The whole bunch of songs made an impression, but frankly speaking, there is one major disappointment.

In Ishq movie, we have seen popular singer Adnan Sami rendering voice for 'O Priya Priya' and then talented Arijit Singh repeated the similar feat with 'Kanulanu Thake Kala' from Manam. Both those songs are number one from their respective albums. And now, what is such song from Hello? Actually the song 'Yevevo' would have become such big hit provided with the fact that Akhil Akkineni hasn't sung it.

For starters, Akhil has not just sung the song Yevevo at IIFA and Audio launch, but he has done it for the film as well. However the song lost its charm with Akhil's voice being thick and flat, and with those musical ups and downs missing in his vocals.

"Ee merupemito.. ee parguemito" is one strong expression in the song where Akhil's untrained voice refused to give that much needed classical touch. For that reason, it is neither mellifluous nor any passionate-romance inducing. On the other hand, female-version lyrics sung by Jonitha Gandhi are taking the song to next level instantly. As she utters lines like 'emo emaindo' 'ee maya peremito' is just amazing, giving us that lovely feel.

Needless to say, Akhil has put good efforts, but he should have chosen a simple song rather than aiming his target at best song of the album.

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