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Akhil Hello song is viral now

Akhil Hello song is viral now

Earlier in the past, we have seen Uber-cool pictures of Akhil Akkineni crooning a song from his next film 'Hello' at SIIMA awards. Several actors, who attended SIIMA event, raved about his on-stage performance.

Now, the video of Akhil's classy rendition of that song has been unveiled by SIIMA YouTube channel, after it was telecasted on Gemini TV on 3rd September. And it's garnering an overwhelming response all over and going extremely viral on social media. Akhil's snazzy presentation of the song has not just invited the standing ovation from many young actors, but also attracted many eye-balls from audiences as well.

Musician Anup Rubens' composition on piano and Akhil's hum are making netizens go crazy about it. While Anup shared it on Twitter, King Nagarjuna tagged it by commenting: 'Very nice son/love the soul!!Thank you anup'. The song is from Akhil's new film under Vikram Kumar's direction 'Hello' and with this song, Akhil has raised expectations on the film.

Nagarjuna is rolling out the project under Akkineni Studios banner and filmmaker Priyadarshan's daughter Kalyani is making a debut as an actress with this romantic action film.

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