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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 1:25 pm

All About 'Hello' Action Episodes

All About 'Hello' Action Episodes
"Hello" is finally hitting cinemas on December 22nd and the film marks Akhil Akkineni's second attempt to impress Telugu audiences. As the teaser and trailer already revealed it, the film is high on action sequences. Here is an intriguing insight into those episodes of this Vikram K Kumar directorial.

Actually, this film happens to be a story that takes place in one day from morning 7 am to evening 7.30, while parts of the story will shuffle back and forth through flashbacks. While emotions, romance and comedy are there, its action sequences composed by Hollywood stunt master Bob Brown are going to stun all.

One of the goose-bump giving action sequence involves chasing on a highway, Outer Ring Road and other places, through cars and running men. The sequence will be adrenaline rushing with Akhil doing some daredevil stunts himself.

The second one is a Parkour-style action chase composed by Bob Brown on the roof-tops of Krishna Nagar houses. Like we see such chases in Hollywood movies, this chase is likely to have comedy touch with Jackie Chan like stunts, which will enthral children very well. Moreover, these action-episodes are not violent and don't show any bloodshed.

Third best chase to talk about from the movie is the Metro train episode. Much before the inaugural of this classy local train network, Akhil and his team have shot for an action episode. Whether they have used the train as well is not known, but they made the best use of the sophisticated looking metro station. 'Hello' is the first film to be shot a Hyderabad's Metro and it is said to be beautifully captured by cinematographer PS Vinod's eyes.

We hear that there is no wastage of expenditure on the film, and every rupee spent will be visible on the screen.

Featuring Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna in leading roles, "Hello" is hitting cinemas on December 22nd.

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