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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:50 pm

Allari Naresh says I don't need Pity!

Allari Naresh says I don't need Pity!
Allari Naresh has attained a great image as one of the best comedy heroes in Telugu Cinema after the seniors like Naresh and Rajendra Prasad became character actors. Now the actor is going through a prolonged dull phase post his movie, Sudigadu success.

The movie made him a 'Sudden Star' with big collections from then on, the actor is unable to gain any good name with his films and even they have been big disasters at the box office. Now, the actor is looking to release his own production, Meda Meeda Abbayi. Due to the goodwill he gained over the years, several started showing pity on the actor and he said he understands his fans concern but he doesn't want such pity.

Allari Naresh in an interview said, "I know many of my well-wishers think at least this movie should be a hit for Allari Naresh due to their liking towards my father and me. That's pity and no actor can accept it. I'm fine with the results of my films has they did get what they deserved and I'm positive that my upcoming movies will showcase me differently as my attitude towards cinema has changed. I no longer want to make spoof comedies and would like to make people laugh on the merit of the script more. I even want to star in serious roles as they have garnered me positive image over the years. Our movie Meda Meeda Abbayi is a welcome change for me and we will soon announce the release date of the movie."

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