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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:41 am

Allu Aravind reveals his success secret!

Allu Aravind reveals his success secret!
Successful people always do something better than many others who strive to achieve it. There are strugglers who keep repeating same mistakes and repent later. But the people who attain success too, after a point get caught up in egos and their own ideas and neglect the changing tides and times. Hence, they end up once again in flops and lose money in our Industry.

But there are only few producers like Allu Aravind who stayed in the Industry even after many years of struggle and be among the successful producers for longer periods. Many producers and production houses could not have such longevity that he could and he revealed the reason for that in a press event taking about his latest production, Next Nuvve, starring Aadi Saikumar, Rashmi Gautam. He established V4 Films in association with UV Creations, Bunny Vasu and Gnanavel Raja and this is their first united production.

He said, "There are many big producers and great creators who could not be in business as long as I could. The main reason for that is as we grow old we get caught up in our own cocoon and we don't try to update ourselves. We make movies with our own thoughts and think we know everything. So, I keep youngsters like Bunny Vasu with me. When they are around, I talk about Youtube, latest trends new gadgets and update myself. That's the reason I am able to still make successful films. It is important for me to stay young at heart and that is what I am doing by being surrounded by an young team all the time!" Well, that's a great secret of success.  

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