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Allu Aravind's Pressure on Boyapati ?

Allu Aravind's Pressure on Boyapati ?
After delivering an industry hit Sarrainodu, Boyapati has taken up a difficult task of re-launching Bellamkonda Sreenivas properly. He has put all his energies, efforts on the film and leaving no leaf unturned to make it a success. With this, Boyapati is hardly getting time to focus on other stories, scripts.

Since Boyapati has another commitment with producer Allu Aravind who has openly stated that it will be with Mega Star Chiranjeevi, the mega producer is apparently putting pressure on the Legend director to come up with an apt story that suits Chiru.   

Recently when both Boyapati and Aravind were on same dais at an awards event, Aravind had said, "I have been waiting for Boyapati to come up with a story for Chiranjeevi garu. As soon as he comes up with a good subject, the film will be rolled on. The onus lies on Boyapati." However, Boyapati just smiled and said he would soon be coming up with a story to him for Chiru.

It can  be noted that producer Allu Aravind is more than happy with his previous collaboration with Boyapati for Sarrainodu. Both as a father and producer, he is happy as the film turned out to be one of the top hits setting cash registers ringing at the Box Office. The film has took Bunny to the new high.

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