Allu Arjun Interesting Comments On #MeToo

Allu Arjun does try to discuss some topics that many others normally don't as an actor. Few actors remain silent about certain issues as they feel addressing them will only increase the attention and will also trouble them.

The actor doesn't mind speaking his mind and even if it leads to trolls he is glad to face them and move on.

At Taxiwala pre-release event he talked about how #MeToo damaged the reputation of Telugu Film industry, indirectly.

He said, "No other Industry in Indian Cinema is as welcoming as Telugu and as respectful too. Here women are treated with respect.

Hence, many heroines say the same and compliment the people here. There could be some incidents but this is the most safest Industry for women.

I would like to urge Telugu women to come into the Industry and find work. Priyanka Jawalkar even though a Marathi, she grew up in Anantapur. That makes her a Telugu girl as she speaks good too.

I hope many will start coming into Film Industry and believe in all the non-sense that is more promoted for sensationalism. On the side note, Priyanka did say that she had a crush on me, what is the use of her confessing now?"

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