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Allu Arjun Is A Farmer In Previous Life

Allu Arjun Is A Farmer In Previous Life
What are you in your previous life? There are those people on earth who don't believe in rebirths and past lives, and there are those who believe it all. And it looks like Allu Arjun is also one such believer if we have to go by the claims of an astrologer

Recently the Stylish Star of Telugu film industry has met celebrated Astro-Psychologist SV Naganath for reasons unknown. This astrologer is known for his shows on TV and also explaining the scientific connection between astrology, the occult science and the humans. Also, he claims tall about the predictions he makes about the past-lives of celebrities.

"Allu Arjun was a farmer in his previous birth, somewhere in Northern India. While ploughing in his fields, he found some gold coins and donated them to the poor", says the astrologer during a media interaction. On the other hand, it looks like Bunny is quite considered about his luck and good omens, but not known whether he met this astrologer anytime or not.

In an industry that runs on sentiments, of course, we don't expect anyone to not believe things like astrology and numerology.

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