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Allu Arjun’s Edge Over Toilet And Jobless Guy

Allu Arjun’s Edge Over Toilet And Jobless Guy
Stylish Star Allu Arjun has a huge craze across Kerala and all his movies get a wide and massive release across the state. His recent outing Duvvada Jagannadham has been dubbed into Malayalam as Dhruvaraja Jagannadh and is gearing up for release today targeting long weekend.

Though the promotion of the film is quite low, owing to the craze Mallu Arjun has there, it will get a stupendous opening for sure. However, films like Akshay Kumar’s Toilet: Ek Prem Katha where the story goes around on building toilets and Dhanush’s VIP 2, the story of a jobless graduate, are also hitting cinemas today and they garnered good theatres in Kerala as well.

With no native Malayalam releases this week, it seems like Allu Arjun is going to dominate this weekend and will get a huge opening. Dhruvaraja Jagannadh will be the first option among the releases for moviegoers. The movie is gearing up for a release in 100+ screens and special shows have been planned from 7 AM onwards. The makers are expecting that the movie will end up decent figures in its final run. Harish Shankar directed the movie and Dil Raju produced the movie.

Mallu DJ has been delayed several times and Allu Arjun occupied with the work of his next, he could not attend the promotions in Kerala. However Akshay Kumar’s Toilet: Ek Prem Katha is expected to open up well across the circles of North India. Dhanush’s VIP 2 will be hitting Kerala with Tamil version only, which cannot surely get massive openings. Hence Dhruvaraja Jagannadh will sure dominate the Malayalam market this Independence day weekend.

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