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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 2:37 am

Amy Smokes Hot In Red Bikini

Amy Smokes Hot In Red Bikini

Amy Jackson is one of the popular heroines in South movie industry who never resists herself from being herself on and off the screen. She always posts some hot pictures on the social media to tempt her fans. She is capable of rising the hotness with a single picture.

Amy Jackson who is regular in posing for some hot photoshoots recently came up with a picture where she flaunted her amazing body. Surprisingly, all her photographers capture the best of her from every angle.

The recent picture was captured from an angle which exposed all her assets. She's seen wearing a red bralette type bikini top and looked hot.

She captioned the pic, 'My Heart'.

Already, the picture is currently trending viral on the social media and her fans are busy in praising her beauty.

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