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Anasuya's rage on social media!

Anasuya's rage on social media!
Telugu hot anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj, has made a career out of anchoring with just one show. As a popular host of the show, she did not just lend to the show's popularity but also made into films and she is looking a prosperous career as an actress along with being an anchor. As the saying goes, where you receive flowers there you might have to receive brick bats too, the actress has been constantly receiving some hate messages and she decided to give a reply in her own style.

One of the regular viewers of her show commented on a photo of Anasuya, where is wearing a revealing costume, " Anasuya, do you have any common sense.. Do you know what you're wearing? Due to you, we are unable to watch the show with family members!" Normally, Anasuya neglects them but this comment has enraged her and she replied to the person, " If you value your "values" so much, don't watch the show. You have no right to tell me how to behave and what to wear. Don't you know that you should not unnecessarily poke into other's business. You should not talk however you please since I am a public figure. I am also a mother and a woman, learn to respect that first and remember, this is my work!"

She continued saying, " As part of my work I wear whatever producers ask me to. Anyways you should all the control on what to see and what not to see. Nobody can force you to watch something that you're uncomfortable with. I know how I should do my work." She also questioned, "Why in our country many women and young girls are going through sexual harassment? Why are people committing such crimes? What are they watching?" The she concluded by saying, " Keep your suggestions and old world thinking to yourself. Do not try to bring them on public platform!"

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