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Anchor pulls Puri in an UGLY row!

Anchor pulls Puri in an UGLY row!
Tollywood anchor Ravi has been facing criticism regarding his attitude and behaviour with female anchors. News comes out that he keeps going tad too close with anchors like he does on screen. And he slipped his tongue on more than many occasions and was caught in the eye of storm too several times although he keeps arguing that there is no logic on why people criticise him.

Now in a latest TV interview he was rather restless when asked about his link ups and affairs with women anchors. He said that he never made vulgar comments on their sizes or colors and said that he has social and surrounding consciousness.

Further he supported the way he treats his female colleagues in shows and cited example of how heroes in Puri's films treat heroines! He also fired at website stories that run stories with sensational headers!!

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