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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 6:30 pm

Anjali-Raai Laxmi team up!

Anjali-Raai Laxmi team up!
Anjali, who awaits the release of 'Balloon' in Telugu and Tamil, and 'Rathalu' girl Raai Laxmi have teamed up with 'GunturTalkes' fame producer M Rajkumar for an entertainer.  

To be directed by Karri Balaji, a Nandi award winner, the same is a suspenseful thriller that will be based on real-life incidents.  "We are ready with a tight and engaging screenplay.  Pre-production works are going on," the producer, who has previously produced 'Raja Meeru Keka' and 'Pawanism', says.  

Sai Kumar, senior Naresh, Siva Prasad, comedian Dhan Raj, Jocky and Ashok Kumar are part of the cast.  

The makers have roped in excellent technicians like Mani Sharma (music) and PG Vinda (cinematography).  Editing is by Tammi Raju.

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