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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 6:30 pm

Another Unique Title from Trivikram

Another Unique Title from Trivikram
One can trust director Trivikram Srinivas to surprise audience with novel titles. Giving a classy title like ‘Attharintiki Daredi’ for a film starring mass demigod Pawan Kalyan was unprecedented until he made it happen. ‘A..Aa’ and Agnyathavasi are some other unconventional titles which took birth in his brain. Now, we hear that the star director has chosen another pleasantly catchy title for his production venture starring Nithin.

It is known that Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan are jointly producing a film starring Nithin in lead role. Lyricist turned director Krishna Chaitanya is calling the shots for this entertainer penned by Trivikram. Our sources divulged that Trivikram had suggested ‘Gurthunda Seethakalam’ title for this film, and that the entire team has voted in favor of it. The team has almost locked this title as it is not just catchy and sounds unique, but also has a connection with the film’s story.

Nithin is said to be extremely happy with the pleasant title coined by the ‘wizard of words’. He hopes that Trivikram’s brand will once again deposit a huge hit in his account like ‘A..Aa’.

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