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Sunday 23 September, 2018, 7:07 am

Anushka is taking a big break now!

Anushka is taking a big break now!
The super success of "Bhaagamathie" at box office ending the drought created by big films in the new year 2018 has put Anushka Shetty on the big table again. But is she going to continue her Hawa or had different plans in mind?

Apparently, none believed how much impact Baahubali has created for its actors until Anushka proved her mettle at the box office. The film already collected 37+ crores share at box office thereby becoming an individual highest grosser for Anushka. But our heroine is said to be not interested in taking up any project now.

Reports are coming up that Anushka is taking a big break now. No, she's not getting married or anything like that. Actually, the actress is now going on a mission to lose weight heavily and get back to her former shape whose hotness melted even the hardest of the rocks. It is coming out that she will take at least a year break to get back in the shape.

For now, Anushka is listening to few scripts through her good friends, UV Creations and she will sign something but it will take off only in the later part of the year. That means no more Anushka for 2018 and she will be disappointing her fans.

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