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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 10:46 pm

Anushka keen to have babies

Anushka keen to have babies
Sweety Anushka who stunned all with her powerful performances in films like Arundhati, Vedam, Panchakshari, Rudramadevi attained national stardom and international acclaim with her performance in Baahubali. However after entertaining with Bhaagamatie, she is not seen on silver screen triggering rumours about her marriage and her affair with Young Rebel Star Prabhas.

Anushka who remained silent on all these rumours, however speaking to scribes surprised all sharing her thoughts about getting married and having kids. She said just like other girls, she too would love to enter into wedlock and have babies. Fans are getting excited and are waiting eagerly to hear the good news from her.

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