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AP Govt’s Bumper Offer to SPYder

AP Govt’s Bumper Offer to SPYder
Superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘SPYder’, which is slated to hit screens across the country tomorrow, is poised to mint money like anything with the kind of widest release it is having. Tickets are being sold like hot cakes.

The Andhra Pradesh government has now given a bumper offer to the film by giving permission to theatre managements to hike ticket price. With this, the tickets that cost Rs 150 will be sold for Rs 200 and the Rs 200 ones for Rs 250. The permission has reportedly been given in response to the request of theatre managements.

Well, this move has its own benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, exhibitors can mint more money quickly and on the other hand common movie goer may stay away from theatres annoyed with the sudden hike. Anyway, theatre owners have the feasibility of dropping the price if they witness repulsion from audience.

It is known that the Telangana govt. has already permitted all single screen theatres in the state to screen five shows a day. With the two Telugu states giving such bumper offers to big films, most of the investment is being recovered in the first few days itself, irrespective of the talk. It needs to be seen how much SPYder can cash on.

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