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AR Murugadoss didn't like Chiru's Khaidi!

AR Murugadoss didn't like Chiru's Khaidi!
Mega Star's come back film Khaidi No 150 has released and did a earth shattering day 1 business at the box office.

The film grossed about 50 crores which is a great first time record for Telugu cinema. Though it has to do well for over a week to get into profit zone, we hope and wish it would do.

Meanwhile, we hear that director Murugadoss who originally directed Katthi, saw the remake and got upset at some of the scenes in the remake.

ARM's films not only give message but the director himself is a teetotaller who spreads the same thing in his films. Neither his protagonists nor his antagonists consume liquor in his films. He seldom shows the alcohol or cigarette scenes.

In the remake he got irritated to see the protagonist Chiru taking alcohol. Murugadoss also did not like Ali's comedy track where he transforms to a woman.

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