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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:39 am

Aravind Swamy Questions about National Anthem

Aravind Swamy Questions about National Anthem
Veteran actor Arvind Swamy made his comeback and is impressing the South Indian audience big time. After impressing Kollywood audience, he played the lead antagonist in Ramcharan's Dhruva and his performance has been widely applauded.

Now, he has questioned about National Anthem and standing for it in theatres. Recently Supreme Court released a statement that one should stand in movie plexes to prove their patriotism during the National anthem which created a stir all over. Arvind Swamy took twitter to question why National Anthem has been restricted only to movie theatres and why is not there in government offices, courts, Assembly and in Parliament. Arvind Swamy even informed that he has a habit to stand up whenever he listens to National Anthem and he feels proud to do so.

The actor's question sure raised many eyebrows all over. Hope the Indian Government will come up with a change making National Anthem mandatory in government offices along with Assemblies of states and Parliament houses.

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