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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 4:40 pm

Are Kajal Photos Real?

Are Kajal Photos Real?
Chandamama beauty Kajal Agarwal always creates a new sensation and stays in the news. Despite being a star heroine and has done so many hit commercial movies, Kajal has never exposed too much of her glamour. Though she danced in an item song, the actress always stayed in her limits in terms of glamour dose.

But suddenly the actress is flaunting her cleavage beauty for a Magazine photoshoot which totally surprised her fans. The photos went immediately viral on social media. Some commented that they are the effects of Photoshop and not the real ones. On the other side the actress faced the same situation with another magazine in the past, but the actress ruled out the rumours that the pictures are photoshopped.  Annoyed Magazine Management threatened her that they will release the original videos which made the actress to stay silent.

The fans are eagerly waiting to see if Kajal comments that the picture are photoshopped once again. But based on the previous issue we can say that there are no chances for that and the Magadheera actress has to accept that they are her real photos.

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