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Attarintiki Daredi Movie Leaked

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We keep listening about the leakage of a few scenes or songs on internet before the release of the film, but shockingly almost the full movie (90 minutes) of ‘Attarintiki Daredi’ has come out with high quality print.The evil of piracy is so venomous that the movie is being shared on internet through social networking sites in parts.

Surprisingly there are reports that the DVDs are being sold in Bangalore market on foot paths an no action is being taken.Now the makers are in full tension as per reports and arrangements are being made to release the film in a day or two in order to prevent damage as much as they can.

The film is scheduled to release on 10th of October but it becomes high risk if kept in box until then.

It is yet to be known who leaked this video. This is the heights of piracy ever known in the history of Telugu cinema. Makers are heading for an emergency release and fans are in utter shock right now.Injdeed, no one expected that there will be loss with this venture for anyone. But suddenly the fate of this highly promising film turned upside down keeping everyone in tension.

It's time for all the Telugu movie lovers to stay united and save a producer. Highly recommended not to forward any links of 'Atharintiki Daredi' and If you found any such content, Mail at -

Atharintiki Daredi Leaked Videos:

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